Dasvand (Punjabi: ਦਸਵੰਧ) literally means “a tenth part” and refers the act of donating ten percent of one’s harvest, both financial and in the form of time and service such as seva to the Gurdwara and anywhere else. It falls into Guru Nanak Dev’s concept of Vand Chhako. This was done during the time of Guru Arjan Dev and Sikhs still do it up to this day.  We at Sikh Center of San Antonio are truly blessed to have such a caring and generous Sangatthat has been providing for the needs to keep the Gurdwara Sahib operations running so efficiently.  

Below, are options to give your Dasvandh to Gurdwara Sahib using your credit card of PayPal account online in the form of a regular recurring monthly donation or a one-time donation.  THANK YOU for honoring the value and virtue of “Vand Chakhna” as our Guru instructed.

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